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Big Box Buying

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Customize Your Quarter or Half, Order Today!

Stock Up with Our Premium 100% Grass-Fed Beef

Ready for a hassle-free way to fill your freezer with the finest beef? Look no further! With our custom orders, it's a breeze to stock up on delicious cuts tailored just for you. For just a $200 deposit, you'll be on your way to a beef bonanza!

Halves: $11.75 per pound - Get ready for around 200 lbs of mouthwatering meats! Each half includes a delightful mix of cuts, like 100-120 lbs of ground beef, juicy steaks, savory roasts, flavorful stew meat, tantalizing ribs, and much more. And don't worry, we always showcase the best briskets for our halves. Need some extras? Just say the word, and we'll happily toss in soup bones, liver, heart, and tongue. For storage, a 10 cubic foot freezer is all you need to keep your half in perfect condition.

Quarter: $11.95 per pound - Perfect for smaller households or those tight on space, our quarters pack a punch with approximately 100 lbs of beefy goodness. You'll enjoy a mix of cuts, including 50-60 lbs of ground beef, along with steaks, roasts, stew meat, ribs, and more. And yes, we've got you covered with extras like soup bones, liver, heart, and tongue upon request. Storing it is a breeze with just a 5 cubic foot freezer.

Ready to dive into the world of top-notch beef? Let's get your custom order started today! Text or call Farmer Paul today to placce your depositi and order at 845- 629-1462.

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Damn Good Beef Sampler

Chow Down on a Curated Selection of 100% Grass-Fed Beef - $125

Curious about our beef but not ready to dive into a quarter? Our sample pack is like a little sneak peek into meaty paradise—try it out and see why our beef is the talk of the town!

Here's what you can look forward to (availability may vary):
7-10 lbs of premium-quality meat:

4 Packages of Ground Beef
1 New York Strip Steak
2 Filet Mignons
1 Short Rib
1 Rib-Eye
2 Flat Irons

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Porky Pleasures: Half the Hog, Twice the Taste!

Savor the Savvy Choice for Succulent Pork Delights

Purchasing in bulk has never been smoother! Simply pick your pork portion size and collaborate with our Farm Manager to create your custom order. With just a $200 deposit, you'll soon be swimming in premium pork.

Our pork, including the prestigious Berkshire breed known as the 'Cadillac of pork,' is raised with care, relishing the freedom of pastures by day and the serenity of starlit nights. This is pork you can truly feel proud to enjoy. Quarters weigh approximately 30lbs and are priced at around $11.75 per pound, while Halves, around 60lbs, are priced at around $10.75 per pound (hurry, quantities are as rare as a unicorn). Please note, we currently do not offer wholes due to our products being too popular for their own good!

When buying in bulk, expect a delightful array of cuts featuring the finest Berkshire pork alongside premium options like bacon, pork chops, shoulder roasts, sausage, ham, and ground pork. Our Farm Manager will work with you to craft the perfect pork package for your family's preferences—because why settle for anything less than pork-tacular?

Text or call Farmer Paul today at 845- 629-1462.

Swine & Dine Sampler

Taste the Best of Pasture-Raised Pork! - $85

Ready to dip your toes into the pork pool without doing a cannonball? Our pork sample pack is your bacon-loving lifeguard—dive in and paddle around in porky paradise!

Here's what you can look forward to (availability may vary):

1 Package of Country Style Ribs or Pork Chops
1 Package of Thick Cut Bacon (once you've tried ours, you'll never go back to store-bought)
1 Package of Sweet Italian Sausage
1 Package of Hot Italian Sausage
1 Package of Breakfast Sausage

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