Full Moon Farm
Welcome To Full Moon Farm!
Family owned and operated, Full Moon Farm proudly offers grass fed beef, pastured pork, lamb and free range chicken. And that's just what's edible! From our herd of happy sheep, we produce fine wool as well as a line of handcrafted clothing and accessories.
Grazing, rooting and pecking on over 300 acres nestled beneath the Shawangunk Ridge in Gardiner, New York, our animals are raised in a low-stress environment the way nature intended, without the need for antibiotics or other drugs.
Healthy and Humane

At Full Moon Farm, we are committed to raising livestock as an environmentally and economically sustainable enterprise. We believe that good soil health produces healthy food and clean meat, so we maintain our high quality pastures using only natural amendments (no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides) and rotational grazing. This produces a healthier—and more delicious—alternative to feed lot and confinement produced meats.

We have chosen this holistic model of raising our animals for the benefit of our animals and those who eat the meat from our animals. Ruminants like cattle, goats and sheep should eat fibrous grasses, weeds and shrubs, not starch-filled, low-fiber grain. An unnatural, grain-based diet favors the growth of e. Coli and causes acidosis. Under these conditions, animals require a variety of chemical additives and constant, low-dose antibiotics. This kind of long-term misuse of antibiotics is responsible for resistant bacteria that can be passed on to humans.

Family Farms and Local Food

Full Moon Farm, located in New York's Ulster County, is proud to be part of the growing movement away from an industrial food production system that has divorced the consumer from the source of their food.  We encourage all consumers to embrace small farms and local producers.

Get to know your farmer and your food—you’ll support the local economy, build community and enjoy your food like never before. At Full Moon Farm, we’re proud to be good stewards of the land, promoting sustainable, humane and environmentally responsible farming techniques that help to ensure that our historic farmlands remain for future generations to enjoy.


We welcome visitors to the farm anytime.

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Great news:

Our Grass-Fed Beef is now certified by the

American Grassfed Association!


We're very proud to represent this organization and encourage you to read more about their standards by clicking on the logo below and visiting their website. 


Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for your support in achieving our goals of raising our animals responsibly and sustainably.