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Hay and Straw

Where Livestock Say Yay! and Gardens Say Hooray!


Welcome to our Hay page, where we've got everything your livestock and gardens need to thrive—and a bit of humor to boot!

Now, picture this: our first cut hay is all wrapped up like presents to feed our happy herd throughout the winter. But hey, we've got more goodies for you! Our second and third cuts? They're the premium-grade stuff, available in both round and square bales. Your livestock will be dining in style!

And guess what? We've even got 45lbs bales of virgin (seedless) rye straw, perfect for wrangling those pesky weeds or giving your lawn and gardens some love. It's like magic for your landscaping!

Oh, and did we mention delivery's available? Because we've got your back—literally! So sit back, relax, and let us bring the goods right to your door.

Text or call Farmer Paul at (845) 629-1462.

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