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54 Steves Lane, Gardiner, NY 12525

our story
Who We A

​In 2000, Full Moon Farm was established in Gardiner, NY.   Our intent has always been to provide a holistic approach to farming practices.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional quality products.


What began on a 5 acre parcel at our backyard farm quickly evolved into a cooperative farming project with our neighbors, which has restored over 1,000 acres of prime farmland in the Hudson Valley.  

Humanely treated.  Pasture-raised. High-quality. Delicious tasting meat from your local farm.   


We are committed to being good stewards of the land so that we can ensure the historic farmlands will remain for future generations to enjoy...  that's the Full Moon Farm story.

OUr Story Begins in a small town 

"Can't say enough about Full Moon Farm, the Charcuterie, Steak and Pork is simply over the top.   We have literally stopped buying meat from anywhere else."

— Name, Title

Kim & Steve, New Paltz, NY

"We are big fans of sustainable farming and small farms that humanely care

for their animals with a product that tastes great, is chemical free and healthy for our children."

Rob & Jane, Gardiner, NY

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