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Throughout their entire life, our cattle roam freely on grassy pastures, reaping the benefits of a grass-fed diet that extends far beyond mere taste. Lower in calories and saturated fat compared to grain-fed beef, our meats boast rich Omega-3 fatty acids—nourishing your body with those essential 'good fats.' Plus, they're packed with four times the amount of vitamin E and five times the beta-carotene found in commercial beef. Even during the winter months, our cattle enjoy a diet of Non-GMO grasses and balage harvested throughout the growing season.

We prioritize grass-fed raising not just for the superior quality it offers, but because it's healthier for our cattle, our customers, and the planet. Before being expertly cut and Cryovac'd, our meat undergoes a meticulous dry-aging process lasting two weeks, ensuring the freshest beef possible.

Rest assured, all our beef is hormone and antibiotic-free, reflecting our commitment to providing wholesome, premium-quality meat.

100% Grass Fed

100% Grass finished

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We raise our Berkshire breed the old-fashioned way—outdoors, where they can roam, root, and enjoy the freedom of nature. Our pork, sourced from these happy hogs, boasts sweet, tender meat perfectly marbled with savory richness. We prioritize their well-being, ensuring they're free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. So, rest assured, our pork is the result of pigs raised with care, delivering exceptional flavor straight to your table!


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We take pride in offering you the most delectable farm-fresh lamb—for everyday meals or memorable gatherings with loved ones. Our lambs graze on fragrant wild grasses and herbs, just as nature intended.

While they enjoy the great outdoors, we ensure their comfort by providing shelter and supplemental feed. This balanced diet not only keeps our lambs happy but also ensures they receive the essential nutrition and antibodies needed for optimal health and vitality. The result? The most flavorful meat you'll ever taste.

Chicken and Farm Fresh Eggs

Explore the difference in quality and taste with our carefully selected chicken and eggs. While our eggs are pastured-raised, boasting high omega-3 content and lower cholesterol for a healthier option, our chicken is sourced from a seasoned generational chicken farmer.


We prioritize quality in every step, ensuring that our chicken is raised with the same dedication and expertise that has been passed down through generations. From the vibrant flavor of our eggs to the tender, succulent taste of our chicken, you'll notice the difference with every bite.




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54 Steves Lane , Gardiner, NY 12525

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